Aruvikkara By-Election 2015
Aruvikkara By-Election 2015Aashish/Twitter

A Facebook post has gone viral after a civil police officer explained why he voted against his BJP candidate mother, who was defeated in Thamarakkulam gram panchayat during the recent Kerala civic body polls.

Rajesh Kumar started the post by saying, "My mother, who contested as a BJP candidate in the 6th ward of Thamarakkulam gram panchayat, has lost against the Left. A postal vote against her by son Rajesh Kumar, a government official, has also turned out to be the cause of her defeat."

He added that the love for his mother did not stop him from doing the duty towards the nation and empathising with his 125 crore siblings across the country.

The post also says that the BJP wants to vanquish the religious minorities first and then it will turn against the backward castes Hindus.

Rajesh also slammed the BJP and the RSS, saying that Mohan Bhagawat gave hope to the 'Swarnas' that "the caste reservation will come to an end and slavery will return," while Narendra Modi told the 'Avarnas' that the caste reservation will remain intact.

"We are a generation that is destined to protect the coming generations -- where in male, female and transgender sections can live without discrimination in a progressive, democratic and secular India -- from religious extremists," he concludes the post.

Check out Rajesh Kumar's viral Facebook post below:


താമരക്കുളം പഞ്ചായത്തിൽ ആറാം വാർഡിൽ ബി ജെ പി ക്കായ് മൽസരിച്ച എന്റെ അമ്മ പരാജയപ്പെട്ടിരിക്കുന്നു, ഇടതുപക്ഷത്തോട്. അമ്മക്...

Posted by Rajesh Kumar on Saturday, 7 November 2015