After a photo of Kerala BJP leader K Surendran purportedly eating beef went viral on social media, he took to his Facebook page saying that it was just onion curry.

The photo, apparently taken during the previous Lok Sabha elections, has gone viral on Facebook with the caption, "Kerala BJP leader eating beef". However, the BJP leader said that he eats only vegetarian food during election period

On Tuesday night, Surendran posted a photo of a cow and calf, stating that he is rearing 20 such cattle at his house and that he had never had beef in his entire life.

He added that there is no truth to the rumours regarding a rise of 15.4% beef exports in India during the first year of the Narendra Modi-led government.

He also remarked that the Congress and the Communists are trying to hide behind the beef eating controversy to shift focus from the solar scam, bar bribery allegations and other corruption charges.