Stray dogs have become a menace in Kerala as they attack kids and those riding on two-wheelers.

While many animal lovers and activists, including television anchor Ranjini Haridas, came forward against the killing of stray dogs, popular Malayalam actor Mohanlal has expressed otherwise.

In his latest blog, titled "Canine Conundrum", the actor responded to the controversial issue in a very thoughtful way.

The "Drishyam" actor, who is a dog lover and owns four canines, says how loyal these animals are and adds it was a dog who accompanied Yudhistira till the end in the epic Mahabharata.

"Even though dogs are the favourite pets of many, these animals have become a nightmare for Keralites, due to the recent stray dog menace," Mohanlal wrote on his blog.

He added that he also experienced dog attacks while riding his bicycle in the morning and even when he is travelling in his car late at night.

"So imagine the condition of people living in streets," he asked the readers.

Mohanlal asked why people were not realising that human beings were the main reason behind the rising number of stray dogs.

"During my childhood days, there weren't many stray dogs. But now, that is not the condition. We are the ones who feed these dogs with the wastes irresponsibly thrown to the streets. We are feeding them on streets like we feed them at home. The dogs grow in numbers just because of us and we discuss whether to kill them or not," Mohanlal added.

He also asked his followers to think about keeping the surroundings clean rather than killing the dogs, whom we feed the waste.

He concluded his post by saying that soon the streets will be flooded with "Beware of Dogs" sign boards and we would only try to run away from the dogs.