Since Saturday, Septembrer 24, many of the social media users might have come across few photos in which a group of people are seen smiling and showing thumbs up for a selfie near a "dead body."

Many might have even questioned the selfie culture of people in Kerala wondering how family members can be so cheerful when a close relative is no more. But before making such conclusions based on baseless rumours, here is the truth behind the images that have gone viral on social media.

The photos, in which a group of people are posing for a selfie infront of a "corpse," were taken at the shooting location of an upcoming Malayalam short film, directed by Unni Vijayamohanan. The photos from the sets were posted online by one of the crew members that was later misinterpreted by netizens creating confusion among other social media users.

Now, Jayakumar Devapriya, one of the crew members of the short film, has come forward slamming the rumours on the viral photo on Facebook. "SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE...
These photographs were captured on the occasion of a short film based on Kerala Police Road Safety Awareness Programme [sic]," he posted on his Facebook page.

However, it has to be noted that few individuals had earlier become the butt of jokes online for getting clicked with corpses. A Saudi teen's "insensitive action" by taking a selfie with the body of his late grandfather, with the caption "Goodbye, Grandfather feeling sad," led to an outrage on social media. Not just that, a Sri Lankan man had also clicked a selfie with his dead uncle that had also gone viral with the caption: "My peiriya Appa passed away, feeling sad."

So, here is a tip to all social media users: Do not completely trust whatever you come across online, make sure not to make a fool of yourself by stating your comments on rumours and hoaxes.