A devotee lights an oil lamp during the Thai Pongal harvest festival at a temple in Colombo.Reuters

To educate the youngsters about the rich culture of God's own country Kerala, a festival for about 10,000 Indian emigrant families was organised near Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

The festival witnessed the talents of many young children who presented the traditional dances and other art forms of Kerala in an outstanding manner.

An organiser of the event said that the festival was organised to mark the conclusion of a series of programmes organised by Malarvadi Baalasangam in 2014 with the motive of creating awareness among children about Kerala's rich and unique cultural heritage, which included the language, literature, political landscape and social values.

According to PTI reports, the chief patron of Malarvadi, Mohammed Najeeb, said such events contribute towards the development of leadership qualities among children, nurture moral values and uphold communal harmony among the younger generation in this era of diminishing culture and social values. Najeeb also added that such events are considered as a gracious and timely endeavour.

A booklet containing inclusive information about the culture, literature, politics and traditional art forms of Kerala was prepared by the children who were a part of the event.