• Kerala Dwarf Wedding
    Kerala Dwarf WeddingFacebook/Pedikkenda Odikko
  • Kerala marriage
    Dwarf Kerala brideFacebook/Pedikkenda Odikko
  • Nikkah
    Nikkah of Kerala Dwarf CoupleFacebook/Pedikkenda Odikko
  • Kerala marriage
    Kerala Dwarf MarriageFacebook/Pedikkenda Odikko
  • Groom Shamsudeen
    Groom ShamsudeenFacebook/Pedikkenda Odikko

The latest viral photos on Facebook might spark debate over under-age marriages, which prevail among some communities in Kerala.

The photos have been doing the rounds on social media, after a Facebook group called പേടിക്കണ്ട ഓടിക്കോ (Pedikenda Odikko) posted three wedding photos of a 'little' girl and a boy on Sunday, 5 April.

However, to everyone's surprise, the groom and bride are not kids, but are dwarfs.  

From the comments on the photos, it is understood that the groom Shamsudeen is from Mallam, Kasargod in Kerala. The marriage was conducted as per traditional Muslim customs in Kasargod.

Even though social media users initially confused it for a child marriage, the page has now been filled with wishes and congratulatory messages for the newly-wedded couple.