The Cochin Devaswom Board, which runs the Sree Kerala Varma College in Thrissur, Kerala, has decided to take action against a faculty member after she voiced her support for the students who conducted a 'beef festival' at the college campus on 1 October.

Six students of the College who were protesting the Dadri lynching by conducting the food festival were suspended after the college authorities objected to serving meat at the college premises as there is a temple inside the college campus.

Voicing her dissent on the disciplinary action, Deepa Nisanth, an assistant professor of Malayalam and also a budding writer, posted a note in her Facebook account against the college authorities' statement asking people to treat educational institutions as 'temples'.

"Those who want to restrict beef inside the college might also ask women not to enter the institution during their period. They might also bar non-Hindus from the college," Deepa posted on Facebook.

However, she was forced to remove the post after it went viral and she began receiving threats. The Cochin Devaswom Board has also decided to take action against her.

However, many social media users, including CPM leader Pinarayi Vijayan, Congress leader VT Balram and film director Aashiq Abu came forward in her support. The hashtag #‎ISupportDeepaNishanth has been trending on social networking sites.

ഉത്തരേന്ത്യൻ ശൈലിയിൽ കേരളത്തെ വർഗീയ വല്ക്കരിക്കാനുള്ള സംഘപരിവാർ പദ്ധതിയുടെ ഭാഗമാണ് തൃശൂർ കേരള വർമ്മ കോളേജിലെ സംഭവങ്ങൾ. ...

Posted by Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday, October 6, 2015


വിവേകം, യുക്തി, മനുഷ്യത്തം എന്നിവ പറയുന്നവർ കല്ലേറ് കൊള്ളുന്ന കാലമാണ് ടീച്ചർ. ഭയപെടരുത്, കേരളജനത കൂടെയുണ്ട് !

Posted by Aashiq Abu on Tuesday, October 6, 2015


വിദ്യാലയങ്ങൾ സരസ്വതീ ക്ഷേത്രങ്ങളാണെന്നത് ഒരു ആലങ്കാരിക പ്രയോഗം മാത്രമാണ്. അവിടെ ഉത്പാദിപ്പിക്കുകയും പകർന്നു നൽകുകയും ചെയ...

Posted by VT Balram on Monday, October 5, 2015

voicing her dissent