Update 2:08 pm IST: The Somalian government has issued a statement saying Al Shabaab militia attacked the Somalia National Army (SNA) camp near Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) camp in Elade in Somalia. 

The Somalian camp was overrun by the al-Qaeda-linked militia, and the KDF under the African Union Mission in Somalia started a counter-attack, the official statement said. 

The number of casualties has not been officially confirmed. However, an Al Shabaab spokesperson has said 63 Kenyan soldiers have been killed so far, reported AFP

Update: 1:14 pm IST: Al Shabaab has claimed it's in full control of Kenya El-Adde base in Somalia, which it attacked in the early hours of Friday. It said there are 63 Kenyan bodies and that it has confiscated 28 military vehicles, reported BBC. However, there has been no official notification from the Somalian government. 

Original Story: An African Union base in south-western Somalia was attacked in the early hours of Friday as militant group Al Shabaab reportedly rammed a car bomb into Ceel Cado base's gates. 

The suicide attack was followed by gunfire with the Kenyan troops stationed at the base.

"Our fighters went in, and after heavy exchange of gunfire we took over the base," Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, Al Shabaab's military operations spokesman, told Reuters

At least 50 Kenyan soldiers have been killed by the extremists' attacks at the base, which is close to the Kenyan border, reported Xinhua. 

The base in El-Adde was first attacked by a car bomb and then dozens of Al Shabaab militants opened fire on the base, where Kenyan peacekeepers were stationed, in a complex military attack. 

The battle inside the base between the Kenyan troops and the al-Qaeda-linked militant outfit is still going on.