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Kenyan Woman in Love with Two Men Set to Marry Both in an Act of PolyandryReuters

Two Kenyan men have decided to marry a woman they both love and have signed an agreement validating the 'wife sharing' arrangement.

Sylvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kimani came to the decision after they found out that both had an affair with the same woman for four years and neither was ready to quit.

The turning point came when the subject of affection, the woman who is a widow with two children, refused to give up on both the men.

It was then Community policing officer Adhalah Abdulrahman suggested that Mendwa and Kimani marry the woman which would be recognised under Polyandry - a woman with multiple husbands.

"We have agreed that from today we will not threaten or have jealous feelings because of our wife, who says she's not ready to let go of any of us," reads the agreement according to Kenya's NTV station reports.

"Each one will respect the day set aside for him. We agree to love each other and live peacefully. No-one has forced us to make this agreement."

The marriage, however, will only be valid under the Kenyan laws if the participants could prove that Polyandry is a customary practice.

Even though there have been strong reactions against the decision, Mwendwa told BBC that it was a fine agreement as, "It could have been very dangerous if the other man would have come to her house and caught me... So our agreement is good as it sets boundaries and helps us keep peace."

As the trio gears up for the marriage, several reactions and connotations have surfaced over the case of Polyandry which is uncommon. The only legit cases witnessed are of Polygamy in the east African nation which is but rare.

Polyandry is a rare phenomenon and is mostly considered illegal in almost all countries. Such marriages have been witnessed in Tibet, Nepal and parts of India but the prominent example of the practice is reflected in Hindu Epic 'Mahabharata' whereby Draupadi is seen married to five Pandava brothers.