Dan Johnson
Kentucky Republican lawmaker Dan Johnson committed suicide on December 13 after he was accused of sexual assaultFacebook/Dan Johnson

Kentucky state Republican lawmaker Dan Johnson has reportedly committed suicide amid sexual assault allegations. The lawmaker is said to have driven to the bridge on the Salt River on Wednesday, December 13, and shot himself in front of his car.

Johnson's body was found on the bank of the river along with a gun and the incident was confirmed by Bullitt County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell to WDRB TV in Louisville, Kentucky.

Johnson was earlier accused of waking up his 17-year-old daughter's friend on New Year's Eve in 2012 and fondling her under her clothes. The victim had reportedly sent a Facebook message to Johnson saying "she sincerely hopes" that she would have to never see him again.

"What you did was beyond mean, it was evil. Drugged or not, I think you know what happened that night and that's why you're sending this message. I never thought something like that would happen to me, especially by someone like you," she wrote according to Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.

"I looked at you as a Dad, but now I sincerely hope I don't see you again, but I might try to maintain a relationship with your kids. And there is no point in responding to this message either because I don't want to talk about it ever again."

Dan Johnson
Kentucky state Representative Dan Johnson was facing sexual assault accusationsReuters

Since the incident made news, Democrats, as well as Republicans, had urged him to resign. However, he had denied these allegations during a news conference. He also told reporters that the accusations were "totally false." "I don't want to blast this girl, I have a lot of compassion for her," Johnson said, according to the Courier-Journal. "I'm very sorrowful that she's in this dark place in her life."

The matter was investigated by the police but the case was later closed. The 57-year-old lawmaker had then refused to resign and said that if the allegations were true the police would have pursued the matter.

He is also said to have sent a message to the victim saying that he couldn't remember what happened on the New Year's night as he was "drugged."

He had also posted a message on Facebook denying these allegations.

"The accusations from NPR are false GOD and only GOD knows the truth, nothing is the way they make it out to be. AMERICA will not survive this type of judge and jury fake news . Conservatives take a stand.

"I LOVE GOD and I LOVE MY WIFE, who is the best WIFE in the world,My Love Forever ! My Mom and Dad my FAMILY and all five of my kids and Nine grandchildren two in tummies and many more to come each of you or a total gift from GOD stay strong, REBECCA needs YOU . 9-11-2001 NYC/WTC, PTSD 24/7 16 years is a sickness that will take my life, I cannot handle it any longer.

"IT Has Won This Life . BUT HEAVEN IS MY HOME. 'PLEASE LISTEN CLOSELY, Only Three things I ask of you to do,if you love me is (1)blame no person,Satan is the accuser, so blame the Devil himself. (2) Forgive and Love everyone especially yourself .(3)most importantly LOVE GOD. P.S. I LOVE MY FRIENDS YOU ARE FAMILY ! GOD LOVES ALL PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT !"

Johnson is infamous for likening former president Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to monkeys.

Speaking of Johnson's death Senator Rand Paul tweeted: "Just terrible news from Kentucky tonight on the passing of Rep. Dan Johnson. I cannot imagine his pain or the heartbreak his family is dealing with tonight. Kelley and I pray for his loved ones."