Kendall Jenner Golden Globes
Kendall Jenner attends The 75th Annual Golden Globe AwardsGetty Images

Off the many celebrities that walked the Golden Globe Awards 2018 red carpet, Kendall Jenner was the biggest surprise. The Keeping Up with the Kardashian star turned heads with her gorgeous off-shoulder black gown, following the "all black" attires at the 75th Golden Globe Awards.

But the Jenner sister created a stir online not for her dress but for her presence at the Golden Globes altogether. Twitter users couldn't wrap their heads around why she was part of the prestigious event.

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Floodgates of trolls opened questioning if the 22-year-old was invited for her brilliant acting in the controversial Pepsi ad from last year, sarcasm intended. "Was Kendall Jenner at the GG for her Pepsi commercial?" questioned an online user. "Why is Kendall Jenner at the golden globes? Was she nominated for her performance in the Pepsi commercial?" added another.

"Kendall Jenner on her way to snatch a Golden Globe for her ICONIC Pepsi commercial," a troll read.

Sharing a bizarre explanation to Jenner's attendance, a user said, "Kendall Jenner in the back of the auditorium handing out a Pepsi every time someone says #TIMESUP"

Some event expressed anger over her presence at the event. "Please explain to me @goldenglobes why the f**k is Kendall Jenner at the award ceremony?! She's not part of the film industry, she hasn't made no difference to the world more like shamed it with that god forsaken Pepsi commercial and some how she's there taking over Meryl Streep."

"Not an actress, not a producer, not a director, not an activist #enoughKardashiansalready," pointed out another.

Apart from the Jenner, the red carpet was graced by several actresses including Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, Laura Dern, Gal Gadot and more.