Kelsey Poe
Kelsey PoeFacebook/The Bachelor

Kelsey Poe, the most controversial contestant on Chris Soules' season of "The Bachelor" is supposedly so upset with how she was portrayed on the dating reality show that she is considering seeking professional help to deal with the trauma.

Poe, a widow whose husband passed away in 2013, gained the wrath of a number of "The Bachelor" viewers when she was flippant while talking about her late husband. The drama surrounding the ex-husband's death eventually earned her the Black Widow tag.

Poe "was destroyed by the pain from doing the show this season," a source told Radar Online, adding that she believes "the network and the show producers actually twisted the plot and played off the tragic death of her beloved ex-husband in order to get show ratings."

"Kelsey has had to see a therapist because of the emotional damage that this show has caused her," the source said. Poe is said to have requested the producers of the hit show to pay for her therapy, but they are yet to respond to her.

Poe is reportedly not yet over her husband's death, and she is considering legal action in the event that "The Bachelor" producers do not meet her demands.

"Sanderson's death is something that is very sacred to her and she is still very raw over it. For them to exploit it for show ratings is cruel and twisted. If this situation is not rectified, we were told that she is considering taking legal action," the source added.

The glib attitude in which she described her husband's death even had contestants on the show doubting if her Poe fabricated her husband's death to garner Soules' sympathy. But she defended her actions saying she did not want herself to be seen as a grieving widow, and hence her decision to talk about her husband's death in a happy way.

"I wanted to be happy and not the depressing widow, so I put a fake brave face on it, so I wouldn't be the sad one in the room," she told Radar Online. "So I told a sad story with a happy face, which was somewhat of an oxymoron, and left me looking like a bit of a moron," she said.