Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind KejriwalReuters

India against corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal slammed the government for the Income Tax (I-T) probe in BJP president Nitin Gadkeri's business deals.

Along with Corporate Affairs Ministry, I-T departments of Mumbai and Pune had initiated an inquiry into the funding and investments made by various companies in Gadkari-owned Purti Power and Sugar Ltd (PPSL).

Alleging that government was fooling people, Kejriwal on Friday tweeted, "Co Affairs, IT Dept probing Gadkari? Govt - IT det wud submit report in a month. IT Act has no provision for such a probe. Govt fooling ppl?"

"Under IT Act - u can raid (sec 132) or survey (sec 133A) or scrutinize (sec 143) - wat is govt doing?" he added.

In the following tweets he said, "Will IT find anything if it raids or surveys? Raids conducted in secrecy. This is how CBI conducts raids after grand announcements. Are all these probes merely an eyewash? Time will tell. It wud further prove - cong BJP bhai bhai."

Earlier, Kejriwal had alleged that the party president expanded his business empire by procuring the lands of poor farmers of Vidarba, Maharashtra. Recent unearthed documents revealed the ambiguity in funding and investment made in PPSL.

According to NDTV, the enlisted funding firms for PPSL were nonexistent or had fake addresses. It was also said that some of the share holders of PPSL were Gadkari's employees.

Following up on these reports, the I-T department announced a probe into the matter and informed that they would investigate into the investments made by 18 companies in PPSL, adding that they would soon submit their report to Central Board of direct taxes.