Arvind kejriwal
AAP Convenor Arvind KejriwalReuters

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal got his own back on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his Maoist jibe at him a few days back.

Kejriwal took on Modi by saying that his party should concentrate on issues of greater importance rather than talking about his muffler and slippers.

During an interview, Kejriwal asked NDTV's Barkha Dutt whether he looked like a Naxal and added that it was not right on Modi's part to say such things. Kejriwal advised the BJP government to focus on issues concerning the country instead of nit-picking on petty issues.

In a slanting reference, Modi while addressing a gathering on 10 January at the Ramlila Ground had advised Kejriwal to join the Maoist group since he considered himself to be an anarchist.

Kejriwal's reaction was that his party was BJP's main rival in the upcoming Assembly polls in Delhi, reports Hindustan Times.

He said that he was confident of AAP getting more than 45-50 seats in the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections. In the Assembly polls held in the national capital in 2013, AAP got 28 seats and formed the government with external support from Congress.

Kejriwal told the daily that in the previous election AAP had the disadvantage of being a new party thereby making it difficult for them to reach out to the masses. However, this time around people were aware of only two parties being in contention - AAP and BJP.

The former Delhi CM ridiculed BJP by saying that the party had done nothing worthwhile in the last seven months whereas his government had achieved a lot during their 49 days in power.

He reiterated that he would submit evidence of his corruption allegation against Delhi's BJP president Satish Upadhyay.

The AAP chief also spoke about leaders leaving the party just before the Assembly polls and said that it is was only Shazia Ilmi who had resigned from the party with dignity

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