Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind KejriwalReuters

Anti-corruption campaigner Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday named his political party the Aam Admi Party.

Kejriwal proposed the name at a meeting in New Delhi and it was accepted by other members.  The constitution of the party was also adopted at the meeting, the Times of India reported.  

In his tweets on Saturday, Kejriwal indicated his party would be linked to the common man. He said that he was a common man and would establish "swaraj" and bring complete freedom to people.

"This party is for common men, women and children of the country, who are tired of politicians," one of his tweets reads.

"They are not politicians. They are fed up of politicians. They are the people who are fed up of corruption and price rise. This is why the common man has decided to challenge them. Now the common man will sit in Parliament," he said.

The new party will be officially launched at Jantar Mantar on November 26.  Kejriwal invited people to join his party on the day of the launch to become the founding members of the party.

"Please come on 26 Nov to Jantar Mantar. All those who become members on that day would be treated as founding members," he tweeted.

The launch of the party comes after a bitter fight over the title and patronage of the "India Against Corruption (IAC)" movement with the team Anna Hazare.  Kejriwal, who initially was associated with the IAC during Lokpal bill agitations, split with Team Hazare after differences regarding the formation of a political party.

Kejriwal wanted the IAC to go political and fight elections while Hazare was firm on the group remaining apolitical.

Kejriwal, who initially had hinted that his political party would be in the name of IAC, later discarded the title after the fierce opposition from the now disbanded Team Anna.