Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind KejriwalIndia Against Corruption

India Against Corruption (IAC) activist Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday dared Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi to have a public debate on corruption charges laid at each other.

"I request Mr Digvijay to encourage Mrs Gandhi, PM or Mr Rahul Gandhi to come for a public debate," he tweeted.

Kejriwal's latest challenge came as a reaction to Congress leader Digvijaya Singh's letter which questioned the fidelity of Kejriwal and IAC. In an earlier interview to a news channel, Kejriwal said that Digvijay Singh's letter does not deserve any response from him. But on Sunday the activist put up a few posts on his Twitter page directly challenging Digvijay singh to convince the top Congress leader to come for a public debate.

"Place n time of their choice. Let's question each other n let public question us on personal n public issues. Digvijay ready?" Kejriwal said.

Digvijay Singh had earlier defined Kejriwal as a "self-serving ambitious megalomaniac with scant regard for democracy." In a letter addressed to Kejriwal on Saturday, Singh raised 27 questions asking him to respond to them with clarity.

Kejriwal responded to this saying, "We had put some questions to Mr Robert Vadra and the PM. Let them answer first. Then, we will answer all questions from Mr Digvijay."

The activist-turned politician exposed several links and corrupt deals of top officials in the county. He had alleged corrupt land deal cases against Robert Vadra, the son-in -law of Sonia Gandhi. He had also levelled corruption charges against Law Minister Salman Khurshid and BJP president Nitin Gadkari. Both BJP and Congress refuted the charges saying that Kejriwal is trying to seek unnecessary attention for his new party.