Luke Lintz
Luke Lintz

Luke Lintz is one of the founding members of the company Highkey Technology. The company first started when Luke and his brother, Jordan Lintz thought of the idea to sell Wireless Earbuds because it was a product that they wanted and was not available at the time. Luke started his company when he was only sixteen years old!

Together, the dynamic duo came up with the idea of creating wireless earbuds that delivered high quality sound, completely waterproof and a guaranteed secure fit because they despised corded earphones. Thus, Highkey Technology was born which promised to deliver high quality 'futuristic technology' to all of its clients. Being only 16 years old, it is easy to imagine the condescending attitude youth may face when setting on ambitious roads such as starting a company. Luke's skills were doubted at every step of the way, where people refused to believe in his ideas and ambitions. However Luke knew that he was a success story waiting to happen and maintained consistency. Finally, Luke stood triumphant with his company and his brother holding their heads high – proving everyone who had belittled or patronized them as being wrong. HighKey Technology grew faster than most well established businesses, reaching a 6-figure net worth in only 6 months.

Today, Luke Lintz has managed to build himself an entire empire of digital services. He, alongside his brother, Jordan Lintz is the co-owner of three companies: Highkey Technology, Highkey Agency and Highkey Clout. Highkey is merely an umbrella brand name that holds the three companies together, which pays tribute to the original idea that set the brothers on the path to success. Highkey Agency offers full service social media management and PR services for personal brands around the globe. Meanwhile, the company Highkey Clout focuses on Instagram growth packages.

Highkey Technology is the first and original company that Luke Lintz created which aims to sell futuristic technology to interested consumers. It is one of the few companies that has been able to utilize 'word of mouth' as the most effective tool in marketing a company. Luke was able to understand that to deliver your message you need people to form an emotional relationship with what you are doing. This is exactly what Luke and Jordan Lintz did with their social media platform.

It is easy to conclude that Luke Lintz had an almost innate inclination towards the online world. He was able to learn the ropes of digital marketing since he was very young. At the beginning, him and his brother (and business partner) were obsessed with Youtubers and would watch their content to get ideas and become inspired. Luke had a natural talent in being able to communicate his ideas effortlessly and at the young age of only 16 he was able to understand the powerful role social media can play in helping people establish themselves. His original motivation in technology and e-commerce came from wanting to be a part of what his brother Jordan Lintz was doing, but soon found out that he had a knack for it too. Currently Luke Lintz is focused on scaling his 7 figure business and helping it grow and reach new heights.

Highkey is a very popular brand and it is all thanks to the tireless efforts of Luke Lintz who made it his life's mission to make his brand succeed. Most of the marketing for HighKey has been handled by Luke Lintz who controlled the company's reputation and image in front of the public eye. He was responsible for organizing how the company's concepts would be introduced to eager buyers. For Luke, branding is the most important aspect of any business. It is key to deciding whether or not your business will be able to stay afloat. Even if you deliver high quality goods and provide genuine services, it is no good if people don't know about it. Luke was able to realize the need to market a company effectively and began applying those principles to the Highkey brand advertisement and promotion as soon as possible. He believes that having a personal brand is the most underused technique in the entrepreneurial world.

For Luke, 'making it' in the business world is not about running a short sprint, but about the larger marathon taking place. He believes that entrepreneurial success is all about consistency and enjoying what you do. "Consistency is getting out of bed and crushing a 10 hour day of work. Consistency is saying no to going out with your friends. Consistency is motivating yourself and constantly improving," he says. It is this very attitude that has allowed Luke Lintz, the average citizen, to become the successful owner of a thriving and diverse business.