Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner and his wife Kris.Reuters

The upcoming episode of "Keeping up With The Kardashians" is definitely going to be the most emotional one till date, as Bruce Jenner reveals everything about his gender change and how supportive his family has been through his difficult times.

In a recent appearance at the NBC Universal Cable upfront presentations in New York City on Thursday, Kris Jenner and her daughters, Khloe and Kylie, talked to E! about how emotional everything has been.

"You see raw, raw, raw footage," Kris told reporters while attending the event and admitted that it was a "very different episode" for all of them.

Adding to Kris's comments, Khloe said the upcoming episodes will be very emotional, as it takes fans through a very intimate journey."It definitely is Bruce's's very raw, incredibly rough," she said. "You get very raw, real reactions from all of us cause there's a lot of things that are coming to the forefront while we're taping."

In a promo for the two-night special, Kris, 59, can be seen struggling with the memories of her 24-year marriage to the former Olympian. "I felt like, my life, did it matter, was it real?" Kris admits. "And that's how I was feeling at that very moment before I had time to really digest it."

The episodes will be aired in two parts – the first part on Sunday, which will be continued on Monday. Even the promos have received huge reactions from fans, as it shows the journey of Bruce from an Olympic champion to a woman that he transforms into. 

All promos are different and each one has a new element in it. In one of the shows, Kris talks about her past with his husband and mentions that it is hard to deal with whatever is happening. "I felt like, my life, did it matter, was it real? And that's how I was feeling at that very moment before I had time to really digest it."

But all the family members have been more than supportive with Bruce's transformation and though it has been difficult for his children, the promos show that they are adapting to his new self very graciously.

While Kendall breaks down, saying she can't believe she won't be seeing her father anymore, Khloe seems much mature. "We just want Bruce to be happy and everybody else who is going through that," she said.

Watch all the family members talk about Bruce in the episode 10 of "Keeping up With The Kardashians" on Sunday at 9 pm and the next part on Monday at 9 pm only on E!