Bruce Jenner
Bruce JennerCreative Commons/jla0379

The upcoming episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," which will air on Sunday, will highlight the thought process behind Bruce Jenner's decision to go for his controversial ombre look, which led to rumors that the Olympian was considering a sex change.

In a promo of the episode, Bruce is seen arriving at the Jenner household to get his hair styled and highlighted and is not too happy to see estranged wife Kris monitoring his beauty treatments.

Although Bruce is happy with his long locks, Kris is far from satisfied. However, he does not seem to be open to criticism.

It remains to be seen if the upcoming episode will address Bruce's alleged intention to undergo a sex change and the rumors that were triggered by his latest hair cut.

The rumors started doing the rounds last year when Bruce underwent a laryngeal shave, which is seen as the first step in the transition from male to female. Rumors refused to die down as Bruce started sporting manicured nails, and longer locks.

A source close to the reality show star even told the National Enquirer that Bruce was brainstorming a name change, and that he has taken a fancy to "Brigitte," after screen siren Brigitte Bardot.

"At first Bruce was intrigued with Bruscilla, but after he thought about it some more, he decided it didn't work for him. He said, 'It doesn't roll off the tongue very well. Bruscilla sounds like some kind of disease," a source told National Enquirer, Radar Online reported. 

"He loves 'Brigitte' not only because it's such a beautiful name, but it makes him think of Brigitte Bardot, who was a total bombshell," the insider added.

However, Kris later slammed these rumors stating that these are blatant lies cooked up by the media.

"That's a story they've been writing since the '70s, and I think they just keep regurgitating stuff … and the more sensational the headline, they are going to sell magazines," she said while on Australia's Kyle and Jackie O radio show, according to USA Today.

"It's just like unbelievable that these blatant lies are printed, and people are gullible and they buy the magazines," she continued.