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Kedarnath starring Sushant Singh Rajput and debutant Sara Ali Khan has impressed many of the celebs, and now some of the critics' reviews have also come out.

Directed by Abhishek Kapoor, Kedarnath is a love story set on the backdrop of 2013 Kedarnath floods that had claimed thousands of lives. The initial reviews coming in for Kedarnath are not so impressive, but Sara's performance is being appreciated.

Neither the direction nor the storyline make much of an impact, but it is the stunning visuals that grabbed most attention. The plot of Kedarnath, revolving around a love story of a Hindu girl and Muslim boy, is being called commonplace.

Although Sushant and Sara's onscreen romance apparently failed to impress the critics, it is the visuals showcasing the nature's fury that make Kedarnath worth a watch.

Read some of the initial critics' reviews and rating on Kedarnath:

Times of India: Director Abhishek Kapoor's attempt to make a film set against the backdrop of a natural calamity of this proportion is ambitious and sincere. The setting is what makes a difference, because the simple and predictable love story doesn't really rose above the water level. The clever use of CGI mixed with live-action shots to depict moments like cloudburst and the pilgrim city submerging underwater creates an authentic impact. The execution in these areas, along with a memorable debut by Sara, is what keeps the film afloat. (3/5)

Mumbai Mirror: If one must watch a fictional account of a natural disaster, we can always turn to Hollywood blockbusters which have done it too well and too often. This just seems like watching a '80s Hindi movie for an hour-and-a-half and then a '80s shark movie for another 10 minutes. (2.5/5)

The Indian Express: Using the devastating 2013 Uttarakhand floods as a major plot twist should have given the film some depth. But the writing is sketchy, and the tone confused, never quite knowing whether to go quiet and life-like or to swell with wailing violins, especially when the waters start rising, and life-threatening danger starts looming. In trying to please everyone, the film loses edge, and leads to a tepid cop-out. It's a weepie minus the tears. (2/5)

DNA: Tushar Kanti Ray's cinematography beautifully captures the many colours of the temple town, and Sanjay Kumar Choudhary has aptly recreated Kedarnath for the flood sequences. Composer Amit Trivedi sets the mood of the movie with Namo Namo in the opening scenes and delivers with his creations like Sweetheart and Qaafirana. Watch Kedarnath for the spunky and spirited Sara Ali Khan. A star is born. (3/5)

Gulf News: While the film is interesting in parts, it doesn't wholly come together primarily because there's a lot going on. Just as you were about to invest our faith in the star-crossed lovers, the movie yanks you out of that pleasant feeling with scenes of widespread destruction. There's no tsunami of feelings for the on-screen couple here because they aren't emotionally potent. However, everything in this film is blessedly brisk — be it falling in love or a flood that swallows half the town. Kedarnath is perfectly stormy and is good for a one-time watch. (2.5/5)

Khaleej Times: A little more focus on the tragedy could have left an impression on the viewers. The visuals of the massive tsunami engulfing the holy city, the crumbling buildings, the dark clouds, rain bursts, people getting carried away by the force of water look hard hitting. You can't escape but feel helpless, vulnerable at the hands of mother earth's fury. So, why not focus more on it? Kedarnath fails short of stirring up emotions the way it intends. It ends up being an empty, unmoving watch. (2.5/5) At over two hours of screen time, the drill turns tedious and tiresome, and sinks into a mushy mess in the end, never ever coming together as a wholesome movie. (2.5/5)

NJ from Kedarnath is all abt Love & Sacrifice. This may not be amgst the best of 2018 as per expectations due to average direction and unstirring 1st half, but still deserves a watch for the STUNNER Sara Ali Khan & the 'Disaster' visuals. (3/5)

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