Prabhu Solomon has mastered the art of making emotional-love stories set in rural backdrops. Even for his latest movie "Kayal", he has opted for the similar backdrop and has roped in fresh faces like Chandran and Anandhi to play the lead roles.

"Kayal" tells the love story of free-spirited hero Aaron (Chandran) and innocent Kayal (Anandhi). The hero and his friend Socrates work for six month in a year and travel the country for the next six months. On their trip to Kanyakumari, they help a couple to elope and this incident brings the hero and heroine together. What happens next is predictable. But the story keeps the audience guessing throughout the movie.

A poster of "Kayal".IB Times India

The plus points of "Kayal" is the performance of the characters, D Imman's songs and background score, brilliant cinematography by Vetrivel Mahendran and the brilliant narration along with the stunning climax. The movie has got positive reviews from the audience. Below, read the audience comments about "Kayal".

The People's Choice's Tweeted
#Kayal (3.5/5): congrats whole team & our wishes too. All the best for upcoming projects. Thanks
#Kayal (3.5/5): 1st half filled wit fun & 2nd half filled wit emotions.Tis Kayal should be appreciated.Worth ur money
#Kayal (3.5/5): #Prabusolomon dialogues are getting claps from audience. Especially dialogue abt wat is life? Superb
#Kayal (3.5/5): @immancomposer songs & Bgm are big+. Hats off #Yugabharathi for native lyrics. Congrats both
#Kayal (3.5/5): cinematographer #Mahendran did his part & #Samuels editing cuts are too good.
#Kayal (3.5/5): A perfect #Prabusolomon brand movie. Well characterization & all played well.

TFU Kannan Writes
#Kayal - Stunning visuals & Beautiful melodies as usual and Prabhu Solomon successfully completes love trilogy after "Mynaa" & 'Kumki'.
#Kayal - New faces Chandran & Vincent have performed well, Anandhi scored in emotional scenes. 'Chittappa' character so much fun!!
#Kayal - Fantastic first half, drags a bit in the 2nd half with too many songs but neat finish with good VFX. It's worth a watch! (7/10)

Siva Sudhan Raj Writes
Among prabhu solomon actors , #Vincent in #kayal acting was par better than #vidharath in #mynaa & #vikramprabhu in #kumki !!
#Kayal The enthusiastic screenplay is first half, was dragged a bit in second half..climax was outstanding #PrabhuSolomon
#Kayal - New face vincent & ananthi done a extraordinary performance.
#Kayal is fantastic.. Hattrick for #PrabhuSoloman .. Excellent RR & songs by #D.Imman
#Kayal 2 songs sung by shreya ghoshal is fabulous
#Kayal 1st half is good..asusal prabhu solomon rocked with exotic locations..

#Kayal 3.5/5: Imman's songs r major plus for d movie. The climax part wit tsunami effect was looking real, gud job by VFX team.

YK Says
Kayal 3/5: Imman's songs r major plus for d movie. The climax part wit tsunami effect was looking real, gud job by VFX team.
#Kayal 3/5: real & bought d pain through her eyes comfortably.Cinematography s pleasin wit nice greenery & showcasin d locations beautifully
#Kayal 3/5: Both d new comers(Chandran & Anandhi) has given some fine performance. Especially d heroine Anandhi's expressions was very much
#Kayal 3/5: Again wit new comers by believing in d story. The side kick Vincent wit hero is enjoyable & dialogues were too gud.
Another rural love story from director Prabhu Solomon. Attempts to give us a soul stirring love story, but d feel s just partial

Nishanth Writes
#Kayal (3.5/5): 1st half filled wit fun & 2nd half filled wit emotions. Another Hit for Escape Artists .@Madan2791 congrats sir
#Kayal is superb & worth watch of love story .liked the climax a lot.!! Good performance by the leads @moulistic and Anandhi @immancomposer

Ahamed Sha Tweets
#Kayal is good & worth watch of love story & CG @Madan2791 @moulistic @immancomposer

Venkatesh (CRV) Claims
#kayal movie definitely 3.5/5.0 - pros- music, visuals cons- slow moving story

Actor Sivakarthikeyan Wrote
#Kayal-an amazing emotional love film from Prabhu Solomon sir&Team.@immancomposer anna superb songs,BGMhearty wishes to @Madan2791 sir
#Kayal-Beautiful performances from d lead actors Chandran,Anandhi&Vincent.Hero @moulistic-a roaring entry to the industry.Welcome brother

Christopher K Wrote
#Kayal A winner! Surprise climax from prabhu salamon!! 2nd half has more songs than scenes! Tsumani cg work superb! Feel the magic of love
#Kayal Beautiful 1st half,it flows like a poem, superb acting by chandran&ananthi!Awesome music, prabhu salamon proves again,wtg for 2nd hlf

Pavithra Tweets
A heartmelting story --- Laughing out loud #Comedy #FirstHalf #Kayal @Madan2791 :))
#Kayal - Loved both the characters @moulistic & #Anandi :) Story, screenplay, music, comedy ..everything was juz so good :)) @Madan2791 :))
#Kayal - Songs were juz apt & taking the story along wid it & got a beautiful bgm behind, which supports the film @immancomposer @Madan2791
#Kayal - Got a enthusiastic storyline wid a emotional journey! Anyone can watch it & its worth watching! Congrats to the team @Madan2791 :))
Watched #Kayal ..Hav got lotz to say abt the story! Those who dOn't want to waste solid 3hrs can go to theatr & watch this film @Madan2791 !

Kollywood Cinema Writes
First Half Review are outstanding for #Kayal. Hat trick for #PrabhuSoloman & Double Hattrick for @Madan2791 & @Gopaljames1 @RDRajaofficial

Venkatesh (CRV) Posts
#kappal Comedy roller coaster so far!

Sen Writes
#Kappal - a colorful entertainer ...a perfect treat for the Christmas holidays. not to be missed..Enjoy the sail in a theatre..:)

Shahul Hameed Posts
#Kappal semma entertaining!!! Everyone did their part well...ultimate s that total mistake..avasarapatutingale sir..:p :D @Vaibhav__Reddys