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Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan is coming back to the silver screen after a gap of a year.

Kavya, who was last seen in "Gauri- 5 Sundarikal", directed by Aashiq Abu will make her comeback with a socially relevant film.

Kavya was reportedly waiting for a good role in terms of quality. This time, the talented star will be spotted as a school teacher and the film will be directed by debutant Suneesh Babu.

The story revolves around the troubles faced by government schools because of the increasing number of student dropouts. Kavya will be seen working in such a school that faces the pressure of closing down and the film is reportedly titled as "First Bell".

"The school is a Malayalam medium government school, and the number of children keeps dropping until there is just one child left. But the teacher continues to come on time, and rings the bell at the correct intervals. And finally, that child too leaves, leaving the teacher all alone in the building. It is an offbeat film, and might not see a commercial release initially," said Kavya's father P. Madhavan, to The Times of India.

When asked about Kavya's absence from the screens for a long time, her father said that the actress is being choosy and has also decided to do only two or three films a year.

"Kavya is extremely selective in choosing her films these days. The subject is a currently relevant one and the treatment is poignant, which is why she took this up. There is no point in adding up on the numbers and she has decided to do just two or three films a year," added the actress's father.

Meanwhile, Kavya has been busy with her dance performances and was often spotted at various film functions. Last year, she even published a collection of her childhood memoirs titled "Kathayil Alpam Kavyam".

Her upcoming film is expected to kick start from January 2015. Various reports suggest that former Indian pace bowler, actor and model Salil Ankola will play the lead in the film. Meanwhile, the makers have not yet revealed the rest of the cast.