Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination in 11th Week
Not Kavin, Losliya to be evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house.PR Handout

Vanitha Vijaykumar's fights with Kavin and Sherin seem to have gained sympathy votes for them as both the contestants are expected to be safe, as per the poll conducted by the International Business Times (India).

The poll had the participation of 1000s our readers. Cheran, Kavin, Losliya, Mugen and Sherin are facing elimination this week. We had asked the viewers - Who among these contestants should be saved in 11th week in Bigg Boss Tamil 3? Kavin has got the maximum votes for his stay in the game.

Kavin has secured 27.98% of votes from our readers. He is followed by Cheran, who has earned 22.45% of votes. Mugen and Sherin have garnered 18.09% of votes and 16.09% of votes, respectively.

Losliya has got slightly lesser votes than Sherin by getting 15.39% of votes from our readers for her survival in the show.

In the beginning of the week, Kavin was targeted by Vanitha Vijayakumar during the nomination process following which there was an emotional drama. It has apparently helped him to gain good number of votes.

Cheran, being the most popular contestant among the lot, is believed to be having equal number of critics and fans. His gesture to defend Losliya in the episode aired on Friday, 6 September, during the presentation of awards has won the hearts of the viewers, thereby earning votes in the last minute before the voting lines were closed.

Whereas Sherin apparently gained sympathy in the last few days after being targeted by Vanitha. Mugen has been consistently getting good number of votes as he is not involved in politics inside the house and back-biting instances.

Unfortunately, Losliya seems to be running out of luck in Kamal Haasan-hosted show, if the verdict of the poll turns out to be true.

However, there are times when the poll results have gone wrong and surprising outcomes have emerged on Bigg Boss Tamil show. It is because the channel asks the audience to 'save' their favourite contestants (and doesn't ask whom they want to eliminate) and give 50 votes per day which the audience can cast for one person or divide among their favourite contestants.