Kavin Raj Slapped
Actor Pradeep Antony slaps Kavin Raj in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.PR Handout

The latest promo video of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 posted on the social media pages of Vijay TV has come as a shock to the fans of the show. In the clip, Kavin Raj is being slapped by his friend, who has entered the house as a guest.

Kavin's friend Pradeep Antony, who is also an actor, is seen telling him that he has let down his well-wishers with his acts. "For playing the game without dignity, for the shameful behaviour you did here and for breaking the trust of the people who believed in you, I am going to do something. If you emerge victorious, you can hit me back," he ends his words by slapping him. In the same clip, they are seen hugging which indicate the kind of friendship that they share. 

However, his friend's behaviour shocks the inmates like Vanitha and Losliya. However, the fans are divided over the latest promo.

While a section of people have condemned his friend's behaviour and Vijay TV over the incident, another section accuses the channel of trying to save Kavin from getting eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 3 by gaining sympathy for him as they consider him to be the blue-eyed boy of the channel. 

Check out the fans' reaction below:

Trendswood: Kavin ah Title win Panna Vaikka Enna Venumnaalum Pannuvaanga Pola..... Hmmmm Nadatthunga daaaaa

IamKuhan_: @vijaytelevision
Idhulam sympathy create pandrethu  nambathingaa... bigg boss rules le no violence nu sollitu sympathy kaga Freeze task le friendships endra perule friend came and slap ? Deii Bigg Boss 3years ah bb pakuren ennekom rules theriyum.. enna SYMPATHY AH ? set agala

milafairyaasha: Just imagine each time the other family people come and ignored Kavin like one bad person inside the house. Yeppadi vallichirukkum Kavin's friends ku. Im sure all them cries in their heart for him. Kavin truly lucky for all his crazy loving friends group.

Tara_star11: Simply no words...!!!
#Kavin...I really hope u understand the support u have here outside...Ur frnds r trying to say tht nly...Just play ur game and we fans will make u win dear...❤
We love you...❤

Nuzyii✨: #Kavin
Seriously i felt bad for u today but surely one day u gonna make all proud.....hope u gonna rectify all ur mistakes and work hard and reach ur goalss and make them proud

Cruisearun: Dont blame it's emotion,, avan friend oda ore vali enna va irunthurukkum na avan velila iruntha maari irunthu iruntha entha problemum vanthu irukathu avan starting le content athu ithu nu poi mattikitan, atha than mean panran,, see his interviews,

BɭʌzẸ YʌtʜỤ: Rules Rules Enduvanga appo ulla poravanga adikkalamo 

_raja: #Kavin is an emotional fool. He doesnt deserve this.
I know he is his friend. he know him better. he is doing for his betterment. But this is completely not acceptable.

Hrithik Roshan: #Kavin is really lucky to have a friend like him. He really care #Kavin very much. That's why,he slapped #Kavin. We give our full #support to #Kavin to win the title

KALAIMANI: This barbaric act shall be between #Kavin and his friend in private. His friend may have all that liberty but not in front of media/public. Everybody testing that young man's emotional quotient? Never expected
@vijaytelevision to stoop down to this level for TRP.

Aananthi Ramasamy: Hope this is not a strategy by
@vijaytelevision to make #Kavin the title winner of the BB3..#Biggboss3tamil

KavinKaviRajan: This slap from #kavin friend is to remember him, how he forget his family pblm, nd playing selfless nd by a wrong strategy how his name was damaged.many said kavin character was not like in bb..hope he realize now nd put full effort i game, which is must for him

Always be happy: Do you think by slapping #Kavin will change? He is not a 2 year old to get hit for what he had done. He can use his brain to think. Everyone supporting what his friend did. In reality do you go slap your friends around for making mistakes?