Russell Brand’s $200,000 Virgin Galactic Ticket
Although the pair is separated now, they sure knew how to spoil each other when they were together. In 2010, Katy Perry gave the British comedic actor a $200,000 ticket on board the Virgin Galactic for his birthday. Reuters

It looks like ex-celebrity spouse Katy Perry and Russell Brand are not on talking terms with each other after the divorce as they didn't exchange pleasantries in spite of seating opposite to each other at an NBA match on Tuesday.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand married in 2010 but separated after 14 months after the latter filed for divorce last last year.

The ex spouse came face to face during the NBA match between Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks at the Staples Center on Tuesday. Perhaps they were seen together for the first time in public after the divorce, though they were not sitting together.

Katy Perry was accompanied by her father Keith Hudson and was spotted cheering for the Los Angeles Lakers. Wearing a leopard-print dress, the 28-year-old singer pumped her fists in the air everytime her team scored.

Russell Brand was in the front row, wearing a wrist band and half-sleeve-shirts. It is reported that she went up to David Beckham's wife Victoria and chatted with her but did not care to speak to his ex-wife Perry.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand married in October, 2010 in India after dating for a year. However, their marriage lasted only for 14 months as Brand filed for divorce in December, 2011 citing irreconcilable differences. They separated officially in July 2012.

Russell Brand went on to date Isabella Brewster and Spice Girls lead singer Geri Halliwell but they did not last long like many of his relationships.

Katy Perry is said to be dating singer John Mayer.