IBTimes India Rating: 2

Aamir Khan is said to have tweaked the "Katti Batti" script many times; did he push out sanity from it by any chance? He must have else why would its lead pair behave like complete gits twisting the story for no reason at all.

Madhav Kabra aka Maddy (Imran Khan) and Payal (Kangana Ranaut) are doe-eyed lovers who get into a live-in relationship. For reasons best known to the girl, she walks out of it unannounced leaving the boy shattered and suicide-prone.

Even as his friends bombard him with the cheapest advices out there to help him move on in life, Maddy holds on to his belief that his girl loved him deeply.

The film doesn't follow a sequential narrative, which happens to be its undoing. As Maddy battles with post-split depression, Nikhil Advani inserts chipry-happy moments of the young couple from when they started out to provide the audience with some relief. Sadly, that's more of an unnecessary distraction than an intelligent narrative technique.

The characters are as confused as anyone would be if he were to be picked and put in maze blindfolded. Both the actors try to bring their best on to the plate but the inanity of the script beats them by miles.

Imran shoulders the script on his weak shoulders leaving Kangana with the opportunity to look good and act slightly unhinged.

Although he is pleasant in certain scenes, essaying Maddy shouldn't have been troublesome considering he has done the urban lover boy routine before.

The leading lady, who reportedly once turned down a project saying she didn't want to play second fiddle in it, should probably take some time off to evaluate the big, bad statements she has been putting out lately.

Undoubtedly, Kangana is one of Bollywood's best but with "Katti Batti" she's having an off-day.

In a nutshell, this romantic-comedy should serve as reminder to Nikhil that his only, ever sensible movie will continue to be "Kal Ho Naa Ho".