Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif will look visibly darker in her upcoming film 'Bang Bang' with Hrithik Roshan as she opts for a tanned look.Reuters

Bollywood's reigning queen Katrina Kaif, who has two back-to-back action films "Dhoom 3" and "Bang Bang", is opting for an image makeover with a tan.

According to reports, the "Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara" actress will do away her milky white complexion for a sun-kissed look in "Bang Bang" a remake of the Tom Cruise starrer "Knight and Day"

Since both in "Bang Bang" and "Dhoom 3" requires the actress to perform some high action stunts, she has decided to undergo significant changes in her appearance, for which the dusky look was considered.

"The first thing Katrina did to ensure that the two films don't look similar was to change her own look. In Bang Bang she is tanned, looking several shades darker than her usual self," an insider told ANI.

For getting the perfect tanned look, Katrina had headed down to the Similan Beaches of Thailand, where the film is presently being shot. She and Hrithik Roshan, the lead actor in "Bang Bang" were seen having a gala time on the beach along with the rest of the film's crew.

"It's vital to get Bang Bang to look different from Dhoom 3. They both occupy the same action-caper space. While Hrithik and Aamir's action sequences would be radically different from one another Katrina has decided to change everything from skin-tone to accent to clothes and hairstyle in Bang Bang. She wants the audience to feel the difference when they move from Dhoom 3 to Bang Bang," a source told Bollywood Mantra.

The next shoot for the action remake is slated to be shot in Greece.

Meanwhile, reports said that Katrina Kaif and Abhishek Bachchan are apparently fed up of co-star Aamir Khan's perfectionism on the sets of "Dhoom 3".

Aamir had recently sought more time from producer Aditya Chopra to get into shape for his super fit lean character in the film. This proved to be a bone of contention for the actors, as both Katrina and Abhishek works on multiple projects, unlike Aamir who concentrates in only one film at a time.