Social media is tough to navigate even for the experienced. And now with social media as the primary mode of communication, we're all busy making a fool of ourselves from time to time. You can't always have a stellar social media track record, even if you have the world's best PR team.

Katrina Kaif has been connecting with her fans via social media which includes live chats and discussions. Yesterday, the actress went live accidentally when she didn't intend to and in a moment of sheer confusion she quickly shut the camera off. Unfortunately for her, the video of the whole event made it to her fan accounts and the internet is enjoying her relatable moment. 

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif accidentally goes live

We've all had accidental moments of confusion and mild panic on social media. Social media etiquette is anybody's guess at this point. With the whole lockdown situation and pandemic worry, social media has become our window to the world. For Bollywood celebrities even though they've been on social media for a while now, this is the most time they've spent on it, perhaps.

Actress Katrina Kaif has also been connecting with her fans through social media, spreading awareness, posting work-out videos that can give anybody a complex and insights into her chores. Yesterday the actress went live by accident and panicked. The person on the other side of the camera told her not to worry and just say, "No more questions." However, the actress who is continuously glancing at the camera you can see the confusion on her face. She quickly shuts the camera off. 

Unfortunately for her, she's too popular for the internet to let it go. So fan clubs and portals picked up the video, and voila, it went viral in no time. There are small blessings for not being as famous as Bollywood celebrities. We've all been confused by social media. Seeing always seemingly put-together stars who are killing the social media game also struggling every once in a while to figure out the ropes, brings some much-needed comfort and relief.