As announced by the Kensington Palace, Prince Harry is said to be travelling to Chicago for the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit on the day of Halloween. The royal blood will be seen sharing some bromance moments with the former US President Barack Obama on October 31.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
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Soon after the event wraps, the prince will fly to be by the side of Meghan Markle and celebrate the spooky American holiday with her, Daily Star claims. And that's not all. The UK based news outlet also claims that Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles are out to ruin his romantic plans.

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Take this news with a pinch of salt but it is rumoured that the two royal wives have teamed up to stop Harry and the Suits actress from having a good time together. The two women are reportedly annoyed with the lovebirds and want to end their relationship.

Kate and Camilla have been repeatedly reported to be at odds themselves. Kate wants her husband Prince William to take over the throne whereas Camilla is pushing Charles to win the thrones. But Kate and Camilla allegedly kept aside their feud and are focusing on wrecking Prince Harry and Meghan's romance.

"Kate Middleton is upset with the pair," the publication writes. The publication doesn't give a reason behind her feeling. But the publication claims that Kate and Camilla are out to stop the royal wedding from happening.

Kate Middleton pregnant
Kate Middleton's first appearance following the announcement of her third pregnancyGetty Images

It was reported in the past that the Duchess of Cambridge was angry with the couple for stealing the limelight from her third pregnancy. It is also said that she disapproves the match. Her reasons are still unclear.

What is Harry's plan this Halloween?

According to the publication, Harry is planning on visiting Markle after the inauguration. A source told Daily Star that Harry is trying to re-create Halloween that he enjoyed with Markle last year. It is said that Meghan treasured her Halloween memory with Harry from last year, a photo of which was shared on her Instagram account.

Happy Halloween, friends ?? #Halloween #pumpkin

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Inquistr reports that the photo was taken just before she and Harry headed for a romantic Halloween last year. Keeping that in mind, Harry wants to recreate a similar love filled Halloween for the actress this year.