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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may still have a long way to go before they reconcile their differences it seems. In fact, a Royal commentator claims that Kate Middleton was delaying her Balmoral trip.

Royal commentator, Robert Jobson, has claimed there may be an alternative reason why Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William are "delaying their Balmoral trip."

Writing in the Daily Mail, Mr. Jobson claims the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are waiting until Meghan and Harry return to Windsor before heading up to Balmoral. Mr. Jobson claims Kate and William's delay in their trip could be down to previous comments made by both Harry and Meghan rubbing them up the wrong way.

He said: "The Duke of Sussex's latest 'woke' outburst, in which he declared that he and Meghan plan to have a two children 'maximum' in a bid to save the planet, may well have irked the Cambridges, who already have three." The observation may be on the money, as Prince Harry's comments about caring for the environment and being responsible and having only two children could be construed as an insult against his brother William. 

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The royal commentator added how Meghan may have also annoyed her sister-in-law after saying she didn't want to appear "boastful' by appearing on the front cover of her Vogue September issue.

Meghan Markle raised eyebrows with her decision to guest edit the magazine. Especially with Prince Harry's comments in the issue. Prince Harry needs to be careful and more diplomatic while making statements that will be seen all around the world and may paint his Family in an unflattering light. You can check out the video here: