Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, waves a she leaves after visiting the Emma Bridgwater factory in Stoke-on-Trent.Reuters

Rumours of an alleged troubled relationship between Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth have once again been highlighted, thanks to a new report that claims that the monarch is spying on her grandson's wife.

A Life&Style report claims that Middleton believes the Queen has planted spies on her staff, and that her former housekeeper and landscaper are two of the Queen's agents.

"Kate's greatest fear is that someone in her house could be spying on her," an "insider" told the tabloid, according to Gossip Cop, which has debunked the report as baseless. "She knows the queen doesn't fully trust her and staff members are quite loyal to the queen. Kate would hate for them to tell her anything they saw or heard."

Sadly, this is not the first report that has alleged a difference of opinion between the 88-year-old monarch and Middleton, who will give birth to her second child next month. Reportedly, the two have clashed on Middleton's decision to move into her mother's house post the baby's birth.

"The queen raised her voice as she clashed with Kate and Prince William about how they raised their child. Kate couldn't bear it any longer and walked out," a "royal insider" told Life&Style magazine, reported Gossip Cop. "Kate wants to do things her own way and wants the queen to stay out of her baby's life, and the queen is furious. She's sticking to her guns about the new baby."

Besides the alleged ongoing feud with the Queen, as the delivery date draws closer Middleton will also have to worry about the possible threat posed by her increasing number of stalkers. Reportedly, the Duchess currently has about 220 stalkers who could be potential threats.

It is believed that royal weddings and births are prime occasions when stalkers become a threat to the royal family.

"They give rise to a greater likelihood of an incident. If you look back through history the greatest threat to the Royal family apart from the IRA has been fixated individuals," Dai Davies, a retired Metropolitan Police official, said, according to the Mirror.