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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William are all set to move from Kensington Palace to Anmer Hall to raise their child Prince George in a quiet, peaceful place.

According to The Christian Post, Middleton along with her husband wants to move to Anmer Hall as she wants a better upbringing for Prince George and also for his homeschooling. The royal couple is said to have spent over $6.6 million to renovate their new residence.

Anmer hall is located in the Norfolk village at Queen Elizabeth's Sandrigham estate, which was presented to Prince William on his 30th birthday by the Queen. It was built in 1802, and became a part of the Sandrigham estate in 1898.

The Royal Family and the Palaces They Live:

The official residence of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburg, Prince Philip is the Buckingham Palace located in the City of Westminster.

The Queen has four children, sons Charles (Prince of Wales), Andrew (Duke of York) and Edward (Earl of Wessex) and a daughter Anne (Princess Royal).

Prince Charles is the oldest son, who is married to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwell. The couple lives in Clarence House, which is their official London residence. It is situated on The Mall, in the City of Westminster and it is attached to St. James' Palace.

Prince Charles has two sons Prince William of Wales and Prince Harry of Wales. Prince Harry lives in the Kensington Palace, London which has been the residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th Century.

While Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and wife Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge live in the Kensington Palace right now, they will soon move to their private residence at the Anmer Hall along with their son Prince George.