Kate Middleton and Prince William are very clear when it comes to choosing a destination for their summer holiday. And it comes down to just one name, the resort Island of Mustique.

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge have apparently spent many family vacations there, including two babymoons.

The Caribbean destination has been Kate Middleton and Prince William's most-preferred private getaway for years. According to People, the royal come here to relax, unwind and spend quality time with each other.

The website stated the couple first visited the place when they were dating in 2008 and since then have spent many family vacations there.

While on the idyllic summer holiday, the couple would either lounge by the pool or enjoy activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and tennis, among others. 

But what's interesting is that famed Beverly Hills jeweller Martin Katz and his wife Kelly had the opportunity to meet the royals during their trip to Mustique in 2008.

Katz shared his experience of meeting Kate and William with the website and also mentioned how friendly and open the Duchess was. "I was standing at the [hotel] bar ordering one of the fancy drinks and Kate actually came up to the bar and was quite pleasant and chatty," said Katz. 

Not just this, he also shared how he was surprised to see Kate without make-up and Prince William dressed casually. "I was holding a glass of fruit punch and it slipped from my hand and crashed to the floor and sprayed all over the prince's feet. He was in flip-flops. I was mortified of course, but all I heard was, 'That was quite refreshing, thank you.'" 

"Kate looked very casual, she wasn't particularly wearing makeup, she looked lovely. She just couldn't be more gracious and talked to everybody who would talk to her," added Katz.

Kate and Will holidayed in Mustique with the Middleton family in February as well. This was when Kate was pregnant with Princess Charlotte.

Well, the report has clearly said that the royal couple was there for two of their babymoons. So will Kate Middleton and Prince William head to the Island of Mustique to plan their third baby?