Kate Middleton and Prince William are undoubtedly the most popular couple in the royal fraternity. But, their popularity isn't quite helping them to fulfill as many royal duties as other family members.

A new statistics showing figures of official engagements undertaken by all the royals was released and it looks like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have failed in comparison to the other British royals. According to these new statistics (via Daily Mail), Queen Elizabeth at 90 years has outperformed all of them with 341 engagements (306 in the UK and 35 abroad).

But what's interesting is that Kate and William's numbers fell far behind even Queen's 95-year-old husband Prince Philip, who undertook 217 engagements in the UK and 33 overseas. According to the report, this number is more than what Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have pulled off together. Apparently, the three young royals together have managed to just attend 198 engagement in the UK and 94 abroad.

Official engagements for royals reportedly include attending opening ceremonies, charity events, receptions and meeting among others. And the report even pointed out that Prince William did share a bit of his grandparents' workload as he attended 87 engagements in the UK in 35 abroad.

But simultaneously, the report has also reasoned out why the three young royals didn't show great numbers on the royal duties report card. According to this news, William, Harry and Kate were involved in a number of other variables.

While Prince William was focusing on his day job as a helicopter pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service, Kate, who clocked up 62 engagements, was on maternity leave after giving birth to daughter Princess Charlotte in May. Prince Harry, on the other hand, managed only 108 engagements because he was mostly down to tours of New Zealand and South Africa.

"Next year will be even busier, not least with tours William and Kate have announced a trip to India and Harry to the US and the significant focus on celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday," a source told the website.