Kate Middleton and Prince William have reportedly expressed their wish to have more children after Prince George and Princess Charlotte. However, the duke and the duchess of Cambridge reportedly have a disagreement over the number of children they want and this is apparently the reason the royal couple are facing some marital problems.

It was recently reported that both Prince William and Kate Middleton hinted that they are interested in baby number three. William, asked about third baby in one of his interviews, had said: "We've only just had the second one. You never know what is going to happen in the future."

And there was a huge buzz about how the duchess wanted the third baby before she turns 35 and maybe a fourth one before 40.

And now, Bustle has reported that Prince William is not too keen on having a huge family and that the royal couple is not on the same page when it has come to how many children they want. Apparently, the duke is not happy with the way Kate is pressurising herself to raise a perfect family within a timeline she has set.

The report has highlighted a claim made by one Corine Ackerman, who was touring Singapore's Garden in the Bay while Kate and Will were there. She apparently overheard Will say he only wants two children.

Well, only time will tell how true these claims are. But the royal couple have been amidst rumours revolving around their marriage for about a fortnight now.

From reports of Kate suffering from postpartum depression, to claims that she is insecure about Prince William and issues in her marriage — Kate and William relationship has been under the scanner ever since Princess Charlotte's birth.

Now we have to wait and watch whether it is the baby issue or something else that is creating problems in Kate Middleton and Prince William's marriage.