Kate Middleton and Prince William will soon become king and queen — well, this is the buzz around after Queen Elizabeth became the longest reigning British monarch on 9 September, 2015.

The latest reports claim that the Queen wants to pass the throne on and has chosen the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, over her son Prince Charles.

The Queen apparently wants to step down from the throne after claiming the longest-reigning British monarch title and to everyone's surprise she even wants to skip an heir (Prince Charles) to crown Kate and Will as the next king and queen, reported OK! Magazine.

"This is what the people want: William and Kate as King and Queen," the source said.

And the Queen's decision comes as a shock to the Duke and Duchess as well. "They're stunned," an insider said.

"The idea of having Charles step aside for the good of the monarchy had been whispered about, but they never believed it would happen," the insider added.

The report also stated that though this sounds like a risky move, it's a practical one. Apparently, the Queen's decision is influenced by the popularity of the young couple and that, not only their country, but even the world loves Will and Kate and adores Prince George and the new-born daughter Princess Charlotte.

"She chose the young couple because they are simply far more beloved than Charles ever was," a source said.

The report said that the Queen's decision has apparently been tough for Charles to accept, but he has come around to understand his mother's point of view.

"It's been a tough pill to swallow for Charles. He's spent his whole life waiting to succeed his mother. He initially flew into a rage, ranting that the crown is rightfully his. But then, he began to see her way of thinking," an insider revealed.

Well if this report is true and if the Queen has actually decided to pass on the crown to Kate and William, then the coronation is expected to take place shortly after the Queen's 90th birthday next April.

Now, only time will tell if Kate Middleton and Prince William will be crowned as the next king and queen.