It is known that Kate Middleton, who is pregnant for the third time, has been suffering from a severe condition of morning sickness. This problem is preventing the Duchess of Cambridge from having a proper meal. Prince William also showed his concern over the issue a few weeks.

But it looks like Kate is better now and is showing signs of pregnancy cravings. According to Star magazine, the royal wife recently craved for some pickles and the palace ordered the delicacy for her.

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Apparently, Kate informed William about her craving for a thinly sliced pickle on a well-done toast. "Will was thrilled when Kate said she was hungry and asked for a pickle sliced thinly on well-done toast," the royal insider revealed.

Soon after the craving for informed, a jar of pickles for the Duchess was ordered. "An SOS was dispatched to the kitchen, but staffers found themselves in an actual pickle; they didn't have a single one," the royal insider added.

This led to the staffers ordering for the pickles to help satisfy Kate's craving. That is one sour craving!

During her previous pregnancies, Kate had weird cravings as well. When she was pregnant with George and Charlotte, she was all about Pizzas. According to US Weekly, soon after George was born Kate ordered a spicy sausage and prosciutto pizzas which were delivered to the hospital.

kate middleton Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William at WimbledonDANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images

Even during bloated tummy, reports suggest that Kate was craving for Indian food. She would order takeaway vegetable curry, rice and flatbread from a local store on a few occasions. The mouthwatering meal would be followed by bags of Haribo candy, offering sweet and sour cola bottles, and gummy bears.

While we are yet to hear the spicy cravings, the pickle toast must have given Kate some lip-smacking kick of sourness.

Kate and William are expecting their baby in April 2018.