Kate Middleton has sparked third baby pregnancy rumours yet again. At least, that's what brand new reports suggest.

If the latest reports are anything to go by, then it looks like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are going to be parents again and are expanding their family by welcoming baby number three.

It's been only five odd months since Kate and Prince William welcomed their daughter Princess Charlotte, and now, the buzz is that the royal couple is all set to reveal the secret about expanding family with an official statement, out to be soon.

"They're expecting. It happened far quicker than they expected — they'd just started trying for another child. But William and Kate are so excited," a source told Life & Style (via Hollywood Life).

The report said that Kate is in her early stages of pregnancy and is due to deliver in June. Well, it sounds believable because a few months ago, a similar report suggesting that Kate was due to deliver the third baby sometime late April or early May, went viral on the web.

"Friends are saying the baby will arrive around June. They say Kate is at the very beginning of her pregnancy and won't show any sign of a bump until next year. She still looks extremely slim," the source claimed.

In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge, who is now in the news after attending her first state banquet and flaunting her tiara, is showing other signs, including major food cravings. "She's having funny food cravings. She's been eating very spicy curries and pizza with piles of chili flakes. When she was expecting George and Charlotte, she developed the same taste for hot foods," the source shared.

The source further stated that the mother of two isn't suffering from any morning sickness and is in fact glowing bright. "So far, she's not feeling sick. At the moment, she's glowing. Kate does worry she will suffer from morning sickness again, but it wasn't as bad with Charlotte as it was with George, so hopefully it will be less extreme this time," the source added.

In the last couple of months, we have been reading various reports and heard rumours about how Kate and Prince William have been contemplating to expand their family. The buzz went wild, especially after the Duke in one of his interviews hinted that they might consider bringing out a third royal baby.

Meanwhile, there were also reports that Kate too wants to have another baby before she turns 35. Many suggested that the Duchess was being desperate to have a third baby only to seek Prince William's attention and to sort out issues in her marriage.

Well, now only an official statement will confirm this third pregnancy rumours and whether Prince William and Kate Middleton are actually expanding their family.