Kate Middleton, who gave birth to her second baby Charlotte just three months ago, is said to be planning her third child soon. Latest rumours speculate that the Duchess of Cambridge is pushing things to stop Prince William from cheating.

The mother of two is apparently desperate to seek the Duke of Cambridge's attention as she fears cheating scandals, reports Celeb Dirty Laundry.

According to the website, ever since Gemma Mullen, William's air ambulance co-worker came into the picture, Kate is doing all that it takes to keep her position intact in William's life.

There's no doubt that the Duchess is loved by everyone and is seen in the same light as her mother-in-law. In fact, reports from various media outlets, including Daily Mail, have even referred to Kate as People's Next Princess, just like Diana, who was referred that way. 

Though the Duchess might be following the footsteps of Diana in every way, there's one thing that she might not want to face – losing her husband to another woman, the website pointed.

The website in its report has mentioned that Prince William was in love with Isabella Calthorpe before marrying Kate, the way Charles was associated with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Apparently, Kate doesn't want history to repeat itself.

She is reportedly ensuring that neither Gemma nor Isabella cost her relationship with Prince William. In fact, rumours have it that she is so protective that she has even tried breaking up Prince Harry's relationship with Cressida Bonas (half-sister to Isabella Calthorpe) every time they rekindle it, so that she can keep Isabella Calthorpe out of the Duke of Cambridge's sight.

Well, the third pregnancy could very well be on Kate Middleton's mind, as earlier reports have claimed that the Duchess has told her friends that she wanted a third baby before she turns 35.

Now we don't know how true these rumours are, but the possibility of Prince William and Kate Middleton having a third royal baby are definitely strong.