After the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Prince William and Kate Middleton have stirred the rumours to swing between having and not having the third baby. While the family has not cleared the air about Kate's third pregnancy, a new report suggests that there could be possibilities that the couple might not have baby number 3 and Meghan Markle is to be blamed for it.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton attend the Queen's Birthday Garden Party in BerlinJENS KALAENE/AFP/Getty Images

According to a claim made by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kate is not planning to get pregnant with her third child because she fears there will be a competition for media attention between her and Meghan once she gets married to Prince Harry. And Kate is not up for such kind of spirit.

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The site wrote that since Harry and Markle are hoping to have kids some day, the "entire world will be on Meghan Markle bump watch to see how fast she'll end up getting pregnant" after the wedding. And Middleton doesn't want to "compete" with Markle for "media attention".

Adding to the statement, the website shared there's "no doubt" Middleton "loves all the attention she gets whenever she's pregnant," but she is going to leave it to Markle to "get pregnant next."

While the story was published on their website recently, it was not accompanied by any particular quote from the royal family. This led to Gossip Cop to reach out to find out if there was any truth in the made claim. As it turns out, CDL's claims were false.

The Gossip Cop insider debunked the claim terming the said story is "nonsense." Adding to which, the website shared that the royal couple has not ruled out the prospects of having their third child.

There have been speculations that Kate Middleton and Prince William are thinking about having a third baby. The couple has joked about their plans several times and they clearly love watching the world go berserk with every hint they drop.

The recent opportunity that the couple nabbed to discuss baby number 3 was at their royal trip to Germany and Poland. Kate was gifted a stuffed bear that mimicked the sound babies hear when they are in the womb. Designed by a tech start-up in Warsaw, the gift was presented to the mother-of-two at an event in Poland. The gift immediately saw Kate turn towards Prince William and joked: "We will just have to have more babies."

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