Kate Middleton is apparently really stressed, of late. At least that's what new royal rumours suggest. According to the latest buzz, the Duchess of Cambridge is fretting over the thought as to who will become the next queen of England. And the mother of two is apparently in a power struggle with Camilla.

Well, it looks like an actual "Game of Thrones" is happening at the palace. In the last couple of months, we have heard various rumours suggesting that Queen Elizabeth is already planning to step down and has apparently decided to skip over Prince Charles and pass the throne to Prince William. And now, new reports have stated that Camilla is not going to let this happen and is already making Kate Middleton's life miserable.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Camilla is taking this power game very seriously and has taken it to another level by involving Kate-William's children in the picture. The report said that Prince William is really worried about Kate, who is really stressed and is also suffering anorexia.

The report further stated that the Duchess of Cambridge is giving in under Camilla's pressure, who keeps humiliating her and the Duke is just not happy with this.

"Judging by the Duchess of Cambridge's sudden weight loss, Camilla has managed to get into her head," a source said.

Kate and Prince William may be Queen Elizabeth's first choice to be her successors, but apparently, Camilla is more determined that she will be the next queen. According to a source, Camilla apparently told Kate: ""This is my time and soon everyone will be calling me Queen Camilla - including you!"

It looks like Camilla's confidence is stressing Kate out.

Well, only time will tell whether Prince William and Kate Middleton will become the next king and queen or will Camilla take it away.