Kate Middleton has been receiving huge criticism for not being publicly active and for her lack of visibility since the birth of Princess Charlotte. Many tabloids and reports were quick enough to speculate that the Duchess of Cambridge is suffering postpartum depression and that she is insecure about Prince William's loyalty.

When Kate Middleton missed out on attending a friend's wedding recently and her sister Pippa filled in as William's date, rumours went wild speculating the Duchess' condition.

But the latest reports have debunked all rumours and have cleared that the mother of two is not suffering from any postnatal depression; it's just that she wants to take proper maternity leave.

Sources told The Daily Beast that the Duchess of Cambridge is just doing fine after giving birth to her daughter, Princess Charlotte. But it's just that she is not ready to return to her hectic royal duties just as yet, and may need a proper maternity leave before she returns.

The report further stated that even the palace is reluctant to confirm when the Duchess will take over her royal duties. Apparently, there's nothing in her official diary now and Kate is missing in social occasions only because she wants to avoid exhaustion.

Meanwhile, there were rumours that the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William could be in trouble as the royal couple has not been in the public eye together lately. Reports suggested that the Duchess was apparently feeling jealous and insecure that the Duke attended his ex-girlfriend's wedding.

Despite all these rumours, People has reported that the royal couple is already planning another vacation six months from now.

Well, it looks like Kate Middleton and Prince William are just busy working family time together.