Kate Middleton will have to get into a complete Duchess of Cambridge role when she attends her very first state banquet at Buckingham Palace alongside the Queen in just a week's time. The royals are prepping up to entertain Chinese leader Xi Jinping and the Duchess is expected to wear a tiara for the event. Now, the royal watchers have been wondering which tiara she will don.

After the birth of her daughter, Kate Middleton for the very first time will be attending a formal royal event as part of her staple royal duty. Clearly, the dress code will require her to wear an evening gown and a tiara as she will be seated in a prominent position on the grand horseshoe-shaped table, next to the visiting Chinese president.

The event will be hosted in the palace ballroom with 170 guests attending and according to the protocol the female members of the royal family will also have to display their family orders miniature portraits of the Sovereign set in diamonds suspended from a ribbon - pinned to their left shoulder, reported Daily Mail.

For the family order, the report said the Duchess of Cambridge is speculated to be given the Elizabeth II family order - a jewel encased image of the Queen on a chartreuse yellow ribbon, by Queen Elizabeth.

Kate, who will be wearing a tiara for the third time ever since her wedding to Prince William, is said to have over 10 options to choose from. She could either opt for Spencer tiara, Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara, Vladimir tiara, Cartier Halo tiara, Papyrus Tiara, Strathmore Rose tiara, Queen Alexandra's Russian Kokoshnik tiara or Queen Mary's Girls of Great Britain or Ireland tiara.

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So which tiara will Kate Middleton wear — Queen Elizabeth's or Princess Diana's? Which one will go well with her new haircut? Well, only Duchess of Cambridge's appearance at the state banquet at Buckingham Palace will confirm that.