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Kate Middleton and Prince William are a model Royal couple, they are graceful and dignified. But it looks like they may be taking a page from Meghan and Harry's book on informality.

Reportedly, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William looked relaxed during an official engagement in central London, with the Duchess showing her affection for her husband with a rare public display of affection. 

Kate was seen sharing an intimate moment with Prince William while they were attending an engagement at the Aga Khan Centre in London. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to King's Cross to meet Pakistani Imam Aga Khan ahead of their tour to Pakistan.

Public displays of affection are really rare between Kate Middleton and Prince William, but when they do happen, they remind the public, how adorable the pair still are. The couple Cambridge also reportedly attended an event showcasing and celebrating modern Pakistani culture at the centre named after Imam Khan. 

Kate Middleton
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While they were speaking to guests at the event, Kate was spotted stroking Prince William's shoulder. It may not be a kiss, but the gesture itself is quite noticeable in a public setting and could be considered quite intimate.

The couple has apparently rarely been seen holding hands or touching each other, strictly adhering to an unwritten rule on PDA the Queen has set out during the year. Members of the Royal Family do no get handsy in public, it is an unspoken rule. Decorum is quite important to the Royal Family, even innocuous gestures can be frowned upon.

So, to see Kate Middleton make an effort to comfort her husband in public is indeed quite a warm gesture. You can check out the video here: