Kate Middleton
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends a meeting at the Northside Center for Childhood Development in New York, December 8, 2014.Reuters

Kate Middleton is reportedly a fan of fresh vegetable juices and smoothies. The secret to Duchess' flawless complexion and bouncy hair are healthy juices that are specially prepared in a food extractor called Nutribullet.

Nutribullet has the ability to churn everything from spinach to Brazil nuts, according to Independent. The kitchen accessory is a cross between blender and juicer and extracts all the major nutrients. The juice prepared in Nutribullet is a healthy way to stay in shape. Middleton reportedly lost weight by drinking juices prepared in Nutribullet.

"Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices allowed Kate to drop a dress size before her globally televised wedding in 2011," said the report. Middleton's svelte figure became talk of the town soon after her wedding. Even when she got pregnant with Prince George, she maintained her weight and continues to do so during her second pregnancy.

Middleton is also known to follow Dukan's diet. It was previously reported that she and her mother Carole Middleton followed the extensive diet plan to loose weight before the royal wedding. However, the founder of the diet, Pierre Dukan felt that Kate lost a bit too much before her wedding.

"I think she lost too much. In the beginning, she had good cheeks. Now, she has no cheeks," he said to NY Daily News.

Kate's spokesperson is yet to comment on the secret of the 32-year-old's slim figure. 

Meanwhile, Kate is gearing up to give birth to her second child. She is currently in her third trimester and is expected to welcome the second royal child in March 2015. Kate suffered from severe morning sickness in her first trimester. She also skipped various royal engagements that time. She even had to cancel her much-awaited trip to Malta.