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Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson's probability of falling for each other seems to be against the odds and the duo are definitely not paying any attention to any sort of negativities. The couple, who were recently spotted locking lips at a New York Rangers-Washington Capitals hockey game, has officially given us the permission to call them a couple.

The affair that started after the Golden Globes Awards party has garnered quite some buzz about their relationship. After their first interaction at the party, Kate Beckinsale's fans started trolling her. But fans of Pete Davidson seem to remain unbothered just like Pete.

Pete Davidson
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As time passed by, the two came out together in public more often. At the last SNL after-party, E! News reported that the couple displayed some PDA. They left Dos Caminos Mexican restaurant, where the party took place, hand in hand. Things are all going well between the two. Ariana Grande has given her blessings to the two and they don't seem to care much about how their relationship is being discussed, except for one person, Kate Beckinsale's ex, Matt Rife.

The stand-up comedian and actor, who has been in a relationship back in 2017 did not share the same enthusiasm. Instead, all he had to say to the SNL star that he should run away from her or just say, 'thank U, next.'

Kate and Pete
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In a recent interview with TMZ, the stand-up comedian did try his best to maintain his calm and composure, he also obviously did try to present his best behaviour for Pete. "I wish them the best, I don't have any solid advice, just be careful," was what Matt had to say about the pair.

As far as his own relationship with the British actress was considered, all he had to say was "A lot of ups and downs and I'm hoping that they're getting out of it whatever they want to get out of it." And when the people at TMZ had asked him if he is searching for a chance to get back with Kate he was very cautious, saying, "No, absolutely not. Not a chance."

Now, as far Matt Rife was concerned, his time is a thing of the past but that doesn't mean Pete and Kate will share the same dynamic.