Kate Beckinsale
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Kate Beckinsale sure knows how to reply, especially when someone tries to troll her personally. The actress who has been under a lot of criticism in the form of trolls for dating Pete Davidson is not holding herself back to defend, what appears to be, her love interest.

While neither has confirmed that they are dating but the rumours coupled with sightings of holding hands in public, is giving the vibes that the two are serious with each other right now. Now, how Pete Davidson's fans are seeing this is not the point but, clearly, the Underworld actress's fans are not happy with the fact that she is dating Pete Davidson.

Recently, the actress took to Instagram and uploaded a selfie with the caption, "Here's what I got from five years of biology class: "mollusc" is Latin for "soft flesh" and how to identify and label a urethra. Neither has kicked in yet as useful as of today."

While the photo has been liked quite a lot, one fan decided to cross the border and let it known to her by commenting, " Disappointed in your dating choice."

The prompt response that came from the star is proper burn, "Fairly let down by your wonky beard but thought possibly rude to say." Now you can't say anything after that, can you?

The reply from Kate BeckinsaleGetty images

Kate and Pete have been seeing each other ever since the Golden Globes afterparty, where the duo got comfortable pretty quickly with each other. Ever since the internet has been spewing with multiple comments suggesting Kate Beckinsale not to date the comedian. This is not the first time she has been questioned, previously the actress had uploaded a picture of her mother to which a fan decided to let her know that she cannot date Pete. Upon seeing that comment the actress was quick to give a fitting reply.

Meanwhile, Pete Davidson seems to be enjoying Kate's company ever since he was going through a lot of mental trauma after breaking up with Ariana Grande.

The new couple in the block is also planning to go on a holiday together.