Pawan Kalyan's Katamarayudu.PR Handout

Pawan Kalyan's Katamarayudu has ended its 7-day first week on a decent note. In fact, the Telugu film has performed a little better than expected after the film was hit by the negative word-of-mouth.

As per Andhra Box Office, Katamarayudu has minted Rs 84.6 crore in seven days at the worldwide box office with the distributors' share of Rs 54.75 crore. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana alone, the Pawan Kalyan-starrer has raked in Rs 62.7 crore and the distributors' share stands at Rs 44.35 crore.

The website claims that Katamarayudu has grossed Rs 33.9 crore in Andhra, Rs 19.6 crore in Nizam region and Rs 9.2 crore in Ceded. Karnataka remains the biggest market for the Telugu film outside the Telugu-speaking states as it minted Rs 9.4 crore with a distributor's share of Rs 5 crore here. From rest of India, the film has managed to collect Rs 2.2 crore.

Among the overseas centres, US has contributed big by Rs 7.1 crore with a distributor's share of Rs 3.20 crore. Katamarayudu has grossed Rs 3.2 crore from remaining parts of the world. Here's the area-wise break-up of the collections:

Territory Share Gross
Vizag Rs 5.70 crore  
Godavari East Rs 4.97 crore  
Godavari West Rs 3.93 crore  
Krishna Rs 3.29 crore  
Guntur Rs 4.51 crore  
Nellore Rs 1.90 crore  
Ceeded Rs 7.05 crore  
Nizam Rs 13.00 crore  
Total AP/Nizam Rs 44.35 crore Rs 62.7 crore
Karnataka Rs 5 crore Rs 9.4 crore
Rest of India Rs 0.75 lakh Rs 2.2 crore
Total Domestic Collection Rs 74.3 crore  Rs 50.1 crore
USA Rs 3.2 crore Rs 7.1 crore
Rest of world Rs 1.45 crore Rs 3.2 crore
Worldwide total  Rs 54.75 crore Rs 84.6 crore

Katamarayudu was released amid huge hype on March 24. On the opening day, the Pawan Kalyan's film minted Rs 39.2 crore (distributor share: Rs 27.6 crore) at the worldwide box office and earned Rs 28.1 crore (distributor share: 22.27 crore) at the Andhra and Telangana box office.

In the opening weekend, the 3-day gross collection stood at Rs 64.5 crore (distributor share: 43.45 crore) at the worldwide box office. In Andhra and Telangana, it raked in Rs 45.3 crore (distributor share: 34.48 crore).