Kasturi Shankar
Kasturi Shankar.PR Handout

Actress Kasturi Shankar has come under attack after she asked on social media what clips would be shown on news channels if Sunny Leone passed away. She has been trolled and called an "insensitive person" for her post.

The actress had posted a message on Twitter where she wondered that if TV channels are now showing clips from Sridevi's movies because of her demise, what might happen when Sunny Leone passes away.

Many thought Kasturi was referring to Sunny Leone's career in the adult entertainment industry before she found her feet in Bollywood.

"All the news channels are showing songs and clips of Late Sridevi Wondering what will happen when Sunny Leone expires someday. [sic]" she wrote.

People on social media did not take her post lightly, and started trolling her.

Some even went to the extent of posting some of her racier and more glamorous pictures from movies she had done early in her career.

Some even said that some songs in which she appeared in intimate scenes might be broadcast when she passes away. 

"I thought you were matured actress but you simply let down yourself by tweeting disheartening.Behind sunny leone there is a heart breaking story,don't humiliate her. [sic]" a fan wrote.

Responding to their comments, Kasturi wrote, "Its not about the women, genius, its about media. I have no low thoughts of either of them....But then, who can stop you from thinking low. You know more. [sic]"

She added: "All of you getting hyper completely missed the point. Its called Satire."

Sridevi passed away on February 24 at a hotel in Dubai. Her mortal remains were finally brought to Mumbai at around 10.30 pm on Tuesday (February 27) after a three-day-long post-mortem investigation by the Dubai police. They closed the case and ruled accidental drowning as the cause of her death.

Her last rites will be performed at Vile Parle Seva Samaj Crematorium after 3:30 pm on Wednesday, February 28.