Kasturi Shankar
Kasturi Shankar attacks Rajinikanth.Kasturi Shankar Twitter Account

Actress Kasturi Shankar has criticised Rajinikanth for refusing to comment about the seven convicts in the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.

When Rajinikanth was asked about the pleas of releasing the seven convicts, Rajinikanth stated that he is not aware of the issue and did not comment in spite of reporters repeatedly questioning him.

Actress Kasturi is not happy with the way the veteran actor declined to comment. She tweeted, "How can anyone living in TN for over twenty years not know of the 7 Rajiv Gandhi accused. Mr @rajinikanth 's heart may be in the right place, but he definitely needs to show more interest in TN issues. This is not innocence. It is ignorance, or worse, Apathy. [sic]"

Her comments angered the fans of Rajinikanth who reminded her that the superstar is well aware of the developments happening around him and tried to cite a few examples. Responding to it, she posted, "For all the people 'explaining' to me about Rajini Sir's awareness levels, I am not accusing him of not knowing the 7 people at all. He himself admits he is clueless about the current developments in the matter. Definitely not befitting someone with CM aspirations. [sic]"

YetRajinikanth fans were not convinced as they continue to criticise her. Kasturi ended her argument with the tweet, "No need for context. Anybody who has read the news in the last few days would have clearly realised which seven, the video clearly shows pressers explaining which seven also. Sorry guys, you can defend all you will, fact is, leaders need to stay updated with their political GK. [sic]"

It has to be noted that Rajinikanth spoke about a few other issues when he met the press.

Rajinikanth was asked about the second anniversary of the demonization of Rs 500 and 1000 notes. "The way it was implemented was not correct. Its implementation was wrong. It needs to be discussed in detail," Rajinikanth said. It may be recalled that the superstar had welcomed the note ban drive in 2016.

He was also asked whether the BJP is a grave threat considering all the opposition parties are planning to unite ahead of 2019 general elections, "If They are thinking so... so it must be so," the superstar claimed.